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Wine fountain featuring a classicly shaped straight wine cup in a matte silver aluminum with a glistening shining silver grooved element at its base which artfully swerves inwards to make for easy holding and beautiful design. The mini-cups below shine, featuring the same appealing design and color as the large cup which is displayed atop the wine fountain. Style meets functionality with swerving chutes that guide the wine into the cups below, aided by a mechanism which ensures that the wine pours out slowly and evenly from the source. The cups and any parts which wine flows through are coated in Teflon to preserve the taste & quality of the wine and prevent oxidation. The base is finished in an alluring dark grey aluminum, or shining silver aluminum, with expert cut-out designs, while the middle base features both natural silver and alluring dark grey to perfectly blend the different elements of the wine fountain. The middle base can be removed to transform the wine fountain into a wine cup set, with the bigger cup being placed on the main base, in the center of the small colorful cups. Kiddush is a shared experience, and this wine fountain recognizes and embraces that fact.

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